Unraveled Me

Don’t you just feel undone sometimes? I know I do! I’m Nicki – wife to James, mama to our seven littles, mama of Our Providence Farm Adventures, teacher at our little homeschool and keeper of our home. And sometimes? Sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m doing any of those things all that well. But God’s got me on this journey to find beauty in the ashes, joy in the hard days and wonder in the mundane. He’s been teaching me about loving well – and well, I’ve got a lot to learn. So I type out the ups and downs of this life – trying to communicate with authenticity. Even when it’s messy. Even when I’m unraveled. Because aren’t we all sometimes? A little unraveled? That’s okay. It just gives us a little more space for His grace to run clean through. And I guess that’s what it all comes back to, what He’s teaching me…it’s all about grace.

Mom and the crew

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