Mollie’s Bible Lesson

I sat in silent amusement as I watched my two middles work together to construct a tent out of blankets in our living room. They were valiantly working together, without the usual aid of their peace-making older sister, while keeping a lid on their tempers. As the blanket┬áMollie was working on fell for the umpteenth time, she sighed heavily…her lower lip protruded…and then…she caught herself before a full-fledged tantrum. Proud mama moment! Then she said “Jesus…pleeeeeaassse make it stay up!!”


It fell.


In frustrated unbelief: “Jesus!!!???” She started to get mad again and noticed me sitting there.


“Mom…will you ask the Lord to help me?”


What do I say to that other than “of course” and proceeded to pray with her for help to figure out how to solve her problem.


Mollie smiled, content, and turned back to her work…then turned back expectantly. Then the kicker.


“Well?? Did He say yes?”


It was one of those absolutely priceless moments. Her innocent trust was so sweet. Yet as I sat there, something dawned on me.


She sounded an awful lot like me.


How many times do I stomp my feet, asking Jesus for something and then throw a fit because I don’t get my way? He could deliver but didn’t. I wanted an answer but didn’t hear (or couldn’t accept the “no” or “wait” answer that I got!) So I get mad and question Him…. “Jesus!!!??”


And then, I seek someone else out. Someone He might listen to better. “Please pray for this…” I ask in a┬ápanic. Now there is not a thing wrong with asking someone for prayers. But admittedly, sometimes I do it because in the deepest part of me, I feel like He’ll hear someone who is a “better Christian” than me. Or I seek someone else’s opinion because just maybe they will have the answer I am looking for and I won’t have to wait patiently (my least favorite thing!)


The thing I loved about tonight’s Bible study, given by Mollie without her even knowing it, was that later tonight, she still wanted to talk to Jesus. She wasn’t mad that He hadn’t given her an answer to what she wanted in the way she wanted. In fact, she was perfectly content with the fact that her brother had lent her a helping hand. She was able to see that his help might just have been the provision she needed, not a blanket that magically stayed put.


Ah, that I would have the grace and innocent faith of a child. We believe in what we do not see. That is faith. And sometimes He is so faithful to just give us a little glimpse!

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