Cutting, Coloring and Gluing – Oh My!

the animal

Does anyone remember this book? I was looking for a completely different book, and I ran across this beaut. Loved it when I was little – and loving it through the eyes of my Mollie. We didn’t read to the end to find out that the Aminal is actually a…? Does anyone remember? She made her guess with a variety of green craft items today.


On a completely unrelated note, this is how Jimmy concentrates when I bring out my camera phone. He was not this attentive five minutes prior to picture! (Side note: UGH. Messy boy desk. Let it go, Mama, let it go.)

gracie garland garland

Gracie has almost finished her American Girl unit. I am SO glad I did not pass up this unit because the books were ‘too easy’ for her. We discovered a wealth of history. She made a lap book from each book (a file folder filled with fun fold-out pieces she created with lots of information hidden inside.) Today she made a ‘time-line garland’ to adorn our school room. Tomorrow she will start a paper discussing the differences in the girls and the time periods they lived. I’m interested to read her observations!

joy n mollie book corner

The girls make their own little hide-away nook and ‘read’ together while waiting for Mama to get to their lessons!

coloring sheets

The most important lesson today? It wasn’t the math, language arts, literature, spelling, history or science. Nope. And it wasn’t the kids doing the learning this time.

This morning I sat the five and almost-two year old littles at the dining room table to busy them with a craft when one asked me to color too. As I looked at those faces, I got it for one brief second. This is what I’m doing this for. I get so caught up in our schedule and keeping up. (Keeping up with who?!) I many times forget to stop and breathe in all these precious moments. So instead of heading my five year old off to the subjects that come so much harder than they did for siblings, I sat. And I colored. And cut and tore paper. And glued. And giggled.

And I breathed it in. That sweet fragrance of home. Of sweet child’s skin. Of glue and paper and crayons. Of fleeting days that will soon be gone.

Breathing in love, life, grace. This. This is why I do what I do.

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