Creationism, Evolution, Worldview – Oh My!


I had a great talk with my sister the other day. She, a dedicated teacher who pours all she has into her job (like most teachers I know!) often listens and offers feedback on our homeschooling days. Though she might not fully understand our choice, she does all she can to support us regardless. She asked how we’ve chosen to handle things like the teaching of evolution. The poor girl got an earful as I excitedly shared. (Asking me to explain something about our home school automatically opens up loud, enthusiastic talking and some hand waving!)

You see, we’ve had such a fun start to this year; as always, I’m learning right along with the kids, and it is so fun. People who don’t know me well have accused me, as a homeschooler, of choosing this lifestyle as an overprotective parent. I do believe, as parents, it is our job to carefully raise our children and not willingly expose them to things that are harmful. However…that doesn’t mean raising our children in a plastic bubble. Quite the contrary! I think it is important that we are honest with our children and help them prepare for all they will encounter in the world. Which is why I am super excited about these additions to our homeschool curriculum!

devotion books

We are using the What We Believe Series published by Apologia Press and Summit Ministries. The whole purpose of these texts is to introduce the Christian worldview – why we believe what we believe – while also exploring what other worldviews believe. We use this to educate our children fully. While, obviously, we pray for them to grow up strong in the truth of God’s Word, we want them to know fully what that means; too often we pass on a wishy-washy, anything goes faith. At the same time, we want to walk alongside them as we talk about what else is out there. We have thoroughly enjoyed Who Is God And Can I Really Know Him? – the Biblical Worldview of God and Truth. We are looking forward to the next text, Who Am I And What Am I Doing Here?

A good friend of mine lent me an Apologia science text to glance through at the beginning of the year…and hasn’t received it back yet. (Sorry, girl…you will get it back!) I love the approach this text takes. For the first time, I have fully understood the difference between creationism and evolution. I understand how natural selection does fit into my creationism beliefs. And I can teach these areas to my children. I do tell them about evolution. Again, I want them to have a full grasp on what we hold to be true in this household, but also, what they will encounter elsewhere.

The same friend turned me on to Mystery of History. This history curriculum starts with creation and continues through present time. (A full cycle will take us about four years to get through.) In my own head, I have always compartmentalized biblical history from secular history. This curriculum puts it all together – and it doesn’t minimize either. It is so cool to see a linear view of all that was going on in various places in a given time period.

In short, our philosophy is one of teaching our children the Word of God and showing them how to apply it to our daily life. At the same time, we want to walk alongside our children as we teach them about other worldviews and philosophies. We hope to build them up with God’s truth – and we pray that they accept that truth. But we also want to prepare them to walk tall in a world that doesn’t always accept our worldview. We pray they walk out of this house with a well rounded education, prepared for life in a secular world…with a heart and head full of the goodness of God!

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