By This Everyone Will Know

By This Everyone Will Know

She followed that teenager and that sweet mama in her thirties right down into the water, without batting an eye. She looked so little standing next to them in the water…but her head was held erect. She was doing what she’d been born to do.

Confessing her faith.

She’d told us, in her lisping voice, that she wanted to be baptized. We’d thought at seven years old, she was a little young to make that call. She remained steadfast and at eight years old, she entered the water. She told our strong, sweet shepherd of a pastor why she wanted to be baptized…that she wanted to know Him and He was her rescuer.

She wanted to proclaim this desire out loud for others to hear, see and know.

And I wondered at MY hesitation. It was her faith of a child that allowed her to see how big He really is. The simple faith of a child unclouded by stuff.

She kinda threw this baptism on us…it wasn’t a weekend we could celebrate the way I would’ve liked.  I wanted a meal and balloons and cake. Always cake. But we had too many other places to be.

And that made it perfect. Because it was hers. It wasn’t surrounded by pomp and circumstance or unnecessary rituals. I couldn’t make it an “event.” Or about a clean house or fancy outfit. It was simple. And real.

And perfect.

Her daddy and I had some sweet moments with her the night before. We’d given her a devotion and a ring.

You see, Pastor had talked to her about how her salvation had come the moment she believed…by faith. Her baptism wasn’t going to change that. He paralleled her baptism to a wedding ring. The wedding ring doesn’t make someone married…nor does walking down the aisle or the peck on the lips. No…it’s the saying of those vows. But the ring declares our married status…announces it to the world.

And so does her baptism. She stood in that water and confessed her faith and let everyone know Whose she was and Who she wanted to live for.

By this…everyone would know.

And it was simple and beautiful.

And so we slipped on that ring to remind her when the world tries to make her forget.

Too often in this Christian subculture we cloud up the simplicity of the gospel. With arguments about doctrine. With legalistic systems. With rituals. With hatred where there should be love.

My Mollie girl…the simplicity is written in her journals…in her notes…in the sparkling of her baby blues. GOD IS LOVE. Because He is love and rescued her from herself, she wants to love Him and others with abandon.

Good job, sweet girl. Mommy is so proud.


John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

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  • Oh my dear friend, Nicki….once again, you have been able to put something so deep, yet so simple, into beautiful prose!!! Your way with words is definitely a Gift from your God!!! I finally took the time to read this and try to absorb it. It (selfishly) brings me back to my very own moments in time at 9 (because my parents DID make me wait), when I too went down into the waters of baptism and experienced the incredible joy that Mollie desired, and then experienced last Sunday, as she symbolically went down into the water to wash away the sin that Adam and Eve let into the world. At 7, Mollie hadn’t had a chance to accumulate a ton of sin, like we adults, but she still knew that because of the “original sin,” as it’s called, in the Garden of Eden, she knew she needed, and begged, to wash away the sin of her world. I thank you and God, Nicki, and Mollie, for opening the window into your lives to let us too experience a little of this day!!. What joy you must have each felt witnessing this baptism of your beautiful happy girl following the example of Jesus Himself!! This was no doubt such a profound experience she will never, ever forget!! May the Lord Bless her abundantly for her obedience….for “a little child shall lead them!”

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