Month: November 2015

hope.  Advent 2015 Week One

hope. Advent 2015 Week One

Simplicity. In a world that clamors noisily as the holidays approach, we are a people craving quiet and simple joys. We desire a way to pause sweet moments and soak it all in…to fast forward through the endless to-dos…the shopping and baking and wrapping. At […]



“I never celebrated Thanksgiving before.” It was a conversation stopper for sure. We uneasily glanced at one another around the table. The eyes of our biological children dimmed with this truth. My husband shook his head sadly while I grappled with my surprise…and wondered why […]

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher,

I was sitting there in my vehicle, impatiently drumming my fingers on my steering wheel, waiting for the pilot car that. just. wouldn’t. come. I decided to check my email, knowing before I did that there would be an email from you.

And there was.

Tears came…as I knew they would.

But the tears that fell stemmed from a different emotion than I’d expected.

Instead of tears of wounded pride and helplessness and frustration, my tears were from overwhelming thankfulness.

You see, as I read your words, I saw you. I saw you sitting at your desk after those littles had gone home. I saw you breathe in deeply…maybe for the first time that day. I saw you type in my email address…with his name as the subject line. I saw you form words that remained upbeat and hopeful, even though I know you too have worried lines and eyes heavy with fatigue. I saw that maybe you’ve lost sleep over this little guy too. I saw you piecing together his broken past, his uncertain future and assembling a system to help him in the present.

I saw love in your words, and they lifted my weary soul. I saw hope in your words, and they buoyed my spirit. I saw your investment in this child…in this family.

Teacher, I know you are so tired. I am tired too. But your plan, your thoughts, your gestures? They sustained me for one more night.

You are priceless, do you know that?

You don’t hear it enough. I know you don’t. You hear about test scores and angry parents and broken families and kids falling through the cracks.

You don’t hear ‘thank you.’

Thank you for the sleepless nights and the hours and hours of lesson planning and bench marking and red tape and portfolios and professional development and the materials bought out of your own pocket. Thank you for the drying of tears and the celebrating together and the reaching of milestones.

Thank you for the stop sign symbol that adorns your neck…not as a fashion statement but as a reminder to my son to stop, slow down/think and choose.

Thank you for the tears. Thank you for the laughter.

Thank you.


Dear Teacher…I am grateful.